Divorces; Paternity cases; Modification and Enforcement actions; Time-Sharing/Child Visitation matters; Child Support; Property Distribution; Alimony; Relocation with Minor Child(ren); Pre- & Post-Nuptial Agreements; and Domestic Violence/Restraining Order hearings.

Marital Settlement Agreements

“An opportunity to have control...”




A Marital Settlement Agreement is contract between the divorcing parties that specifies the terms and conditions of their divorce settlement.  While circumstances may vary from case to case, there are often a number of benefits to signing such an agreement.  A Marital Settlement Agreement provides the parties an opportunity to have control over the outcome of their divorce (as opposed to leaving the decisions up to a judge), and signing an agreement may help you avoid the expense, time and stress normally associated with litigation.  If prepared and executed properly, Marital Settlement Agreements are binding contracts and enforceable by the courts.