Divorces; Paternity cases; Modification and Enforcement actions; Time-Sharing/Child Visitation matters; Child Support; Property Distribution; Alimony; Relocation with Minor Child(ren); Pre- & Post-Nuptial Agreements; and Domestic Violence/Restraining Order hearings.

Domestic Violence

Do not allow him/her to tell you who you are...




Whether you are filing a domestic violence injunction against another, or you are responding to an injunction filed against you, domestic violence should always be taken seriously, and we are here to help.  If you are the victim of domestic violence, or you have reasonable cause to believe you are in imminent danger of becoming a victim of domestic violence, you need to protect yourself by taking the immediate and appropriate course of action before things go from bad to worse, which in this particular context, could mean the difference between life and death- it's that serious!  We are here for you.