Divorces; Paternity cases; Modification and Enforcement actions; Time-Sharing/Child Visitation matters; Child Support; Property Distribution; Alimony; Relocation with Minor Child(ren); Pre- & Post-Nuptial Agreements; and Domestic Violence/Restraining Order hearings.


To alleviate any unfair economic burdens




Alimony or "spousal support" or "maintenance" is support that one spouse provides to the other during and/or subsequent to their divorce proceedings. The purpose of alimony is to alleviate any unfair economic burdens that may placed on the impecunious spouse (the spouse in the inferior financial position).  The court will take various factors into consideration when determining an alimony award, including, but not limited to the parties' length of marriage, their prior standard of living, the physical and emotional condition of both spouses, the financial resources of each spouse, the income-earning capacity of each spouse, the income-producing capacity of the assets each spouse receives, the time necessary to acquire education or training for appropriate employment, and the services rendered by homemaking, child-rearing, education and career building of the other spouse.  There are various types of alimony that may be awarded depending on the specific circumstances of your case.